Therm-ic Bootdryer 120V

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Item#: SOZ-10340006, Mfg#: 20340001, 10340006  

Therm-ic Bootdryer 120V Boot Dryer

+ Dries completely soaked boots or gloves in only a few hours
+ Preserves the materials and works effectively
+ Absorbs unpleasant odors
+ Compact and quiet
+ Suitable for all shoe types and shoe sizes
Gender Unisex

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Key for Ski and Bike Trips!
Posted by Tyler (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/28/2019

Pros: Quiet. Works quicker than ones I have had previously
Cons: one more thing to pack - but it is important!

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Dryers are a must for multi-day trips. I use this in both my ski boots and mountain bike shoes. Dry feet are warm feet and a damp set of boots or shoes is a recipe for a miserable day.

Therm-IC boot dryer review
Posted by Craig M (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/31/2018

Pros: you dry warm foot to start the day!!
Cons: zero

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These portable boot dryers are an ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone who's skiing more than 1 day. After skiing immediately put into boots & let run all night. What you get is a warm & totally dry boot ready for your foot to attack the MT! With out this the liner & your foot will be damp & cold.....not a good way to start a day of skiing

Perfect for long ski trips
Posted by Bella (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/30/2018

Pros: Drys boots over night, easy to use with other shoes as well

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This boot dryer is perfect to dry and warm your boots after a long day of skiing. There is no need to worry about your boots not being dry before heading out to the slopes in the morning. These are easy to use and truly get the job done.