Youth Ski Harness

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Item#: SPA-87050, Mfg#: 87050  
This unique item has adjustable shoulder and waist straps which hook into a 16ft-nylon lead, giving controlled freedom.  It comes with adhesive velcro toe straps for your child's skis to encourage the proper snowplow technique.  Its an excellent how-to-ski learning device!
Gender Youth

Designed for Kids

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Great teaching tool
Posted by Mike D. (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 9/18/2018


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Great tool to help keep a new skier in control and not go too fast. Allows some freedom for the child but they can be reigned in easily. Is a lot easier than trying to hold them between you legs.

Essential for teaching your kids to ski!
Posted by Bridget (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/19/2017

Pros: kids have freedom of movement without being able to pick up too much speed
Cons: mom or dad stays in a wedge too long!!

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The ski harness is the ultimate tool for teaching little ones to ski. Had my kids on the mountain at 2 1/2, they had fun learning balance and stopping. The harness, helped to pull them onto the chairlift and give a gentle tug to slow them down. Have your little one follow another adult and its perfect for before they are ready for lessons.

Learn To Ski
Posted by Sheila (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/18/2017


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Make learning to ski stress-free with the "Kids Snow Harness" Three (3) piece set. Toe strap, stops tips from crossing. Harness leash long enough for child to venture away safely but controlled. Confidence builder.