Vail to require all employees to wear helmets while on duty

For years now there has been a lot of discussion about wearing helmets on the mountain. Recent tragedies have brought this to the forefront yet again with the deaths of beloved celebrities. The obvious safety concerns verses an individual’s  preferences are often the center of debate.

Recently Buckman’s Ski and Snowboard Shops was notified that all Vail employees will be required to wear helmets while skiing, riding or snowmobiling during work. Will other resorts be soon to follow? Only time will tell.

Here is an excerpt from the recent statement from Vail’s co-presidents, John Garnsey and Blaise Carrig:

Today our company is announcing that beginning in the 2009/2010 season, all employees will be required to wear a helmet while skiing, riding or snowmobiling during work…this decision is all about safety.  One of our core values is protecting both our employees and our guests from injury.  …We have concluded that people are safer…when wearing a helmet.  And our conviction is even stronger about kids, where helmet usage is becoming almost universal. 


For more details on this story, an article was recently posted on The Denver Post's website.