Buckman s Ski and Snowboard Shops donate to Villanova s Fall Festival Committee

(September 08) For the fourth time in five years, Buckman’s Ski and Snowboard Shops have donated proceeds from the sales of The North Face Denali jackets, hoodies, bags and t-shirts, along with Burton and Ride hoodies and sweatshirts to Villanova Universities’ Fall Festival Committee. The Fall Festival Committee is the largest student-run Special Olympics committee in the nation. It routinely organizes and administers the Special Olympics Pennsylvania event which holds activities at Villanova each fall.


The very popular products that Buckman’s provides are sold by the students of Villanova in an on-campus fundraiser. Buckman’s makes a monetary donation to the Committee for every item sold through the fundraiser. The event has raised thousands of dollars for the Fall Festival Committee and continues to be a popular on-campus event.


Fundraising chairperson and Villanova student, Brittany Parisi, said “Villanova's campus is transformed during Fall Festival as the athletes inspire everyone with their dedication, enthusiasm and teamwork. However, the effects of Special Olympics do not end with the close of the weekend. The athletes excel and inspire on and off their respective field or court, sharing the values of Special Olympics with those they meet.


“As the 2008 student-run committee prepares for Fall Festival, we appreciate the generosity and support of the Villanova community and local organizations that make Special Olympics possible. The Buckman's Fundraiser exemplifies the combined efforts of many individuals for one amazing cause. Thank you Buckman's for your help in making Fall Festival and the difference it makes possible.”


Buckman’s co-owner and vice president, Brad Buckman, stated “We are happy to have the opportunity to donate to the Fall Festival again this year. We have always been a family-owned and operated company and it’s always nice when we have the chance to give back to the community. We are proud of the quality of products that we carry. We know that many of the students were planning to buy the same bags, hoodies and jackets we sell in our stores so we figured why not bring them directly to the students and help out a good cause at the same time.”


Buckman’s Ski and Snowboard Shops have five retail stores in the greater-Philadelphia area, including one in Ardmore, Pa close to Villanova University. For more information about Buckman’s, visit Buckmans.com. For more information on Villanova’s Fall Festival, visit http://www.villanova.edu/studentlife/specialolympics.