Bright colors are the trend this year for skiers and snowboarders

Bright colors are the trend this year for skiers and snowboarders


Article written by Denise Larive for 21st Century Media

This year's ski and winter fashion trends - from helmet to boot - are all about color and (are) available in a variety of warm and waterproof fabrics certain to encourage outdoor winter fun and avoid the winter blues.

Avid skiers, snowboarders and snow lovers don't have to research this year's ski and winter fashion trends: the buyers for Buckman’s Ski & Snowboard Shops have done the hard work for you.

Susan Mutter, an avid skier and a buyer at Buckmans for 29 years, said retail and online shoppers will find a wide variety of winter apparel at all price points for adults, teens and children.

"We have really high-end clothing for men, women and kids - textiles that have full stretch arid allow full range of motion – and then clothing that is not as stretchy and as expensive," said Mutter.

First on most customers' lists are outerwear items with Gore-Tex, a synthetic waterproof fabric that is windproof, waterproof and breathable.

Mutter said the most popular brands with Gore-Tex are The North Face, Marmot ..., Arc'teryx and Spyder.

Patagonia apparel is also very popular.

"The North Face has some stuff that is very fashion-forward, and a lot of people wear it out and about.

She said that the Spyder brand is authentic ski-wear preferred by hardcore sports enthusiasts for skiing, snowboarding, climbing and venture travel.

"Women's fashions this year seem to be either very feminine, girly trends, or the androgynous look.”

Mutter said a lot of women have discovered that the new long underwear on the market is both beautiful and functional.

"Long underwear is moist(ure) management - beautiful, technical base layers - and is very functional when moving from outside to inside. The long underwear is beautiful and looks like leggings. It is a big trend and fun to shop for.”

She said there are a lot of very close-fitting looks, which includes the new, insulated jackets that are very efficient and no longer bulky.

“Insulated outerwear doesn't look puffy, and you can look sleek and svelte."

"Fur is back - both real and faux fur in natural tan, brown and chestnut colors, as well as silver and black fox."

Prints, such as plaids and florals, which were very popular in previous years, are now out, except for kid's clothing.

"Skiers and snow boarders like to be seen on the ski slopes," said Mutter, adding that color is a big way that people are expressing their unique personalities this year."

“Fashion is very colorful, and is one of the first things people notice when they walk into Buckman’s store. People definitely want to stand out. Prints are trending downwards, and we hardly sell black pants anymore. Colored pants are trending for men, women and kids.”

She said the popular item for teens are “technical hoodies" by Volcom, DC ,and Burton.

"If it’s 45 degrees on the hill – and the kids are doing the half pipe and Terrain Hill – the hoodies are water-resistant and won’t wet out on them. The outer shell face fabric will keep water off of them.

“The hoodies are priced right and are on-trend. It’s beautiful clothing that is fun, and the hoodies will keep them dry and comfortable.”

Also trending for teen boys and girls are pants with low-slung pockets.

She said teen girls are also sporting long and over-sized jackets – for the androgynous look.

“People are now buying helmets to match different outfits, as well as hats in all styles to cover their helmet hair.”

"Goggles with different lenses and frames are popular and available for different kinds of outdoor light, from ultraviolet light protection to sun glare, cloudy conditions, as well as night skiing. The frames are fun and people have several different pairs.”

Mutter said gloves range from $20 to more than $200 for synthetic and leather materials, as well as heated gloves (so people can remain on the slopes much longer).

“If someone can be out longer and get their money’s worth out of their lift ticket, the heated gloves are worth the cost,” said Mutter.

A new glove style is high gauntlet, which goes over the ski jacket sleeves.


Mutter said Buckman’s is a specialty ski retailer with quality outerwear that will last a long time for all winter sports enthusiasts.

"Skiing is not a cheap sport,” said Mutter. "It can be very expensive and Buckman's can accommodate everyone's price point.”

"We sell $50 outerwear items just for sledding, and for people who don't want to invest a lot of money.”

A new item for football fans are insulated pants with NFL team colors and logos.

Buckman’s Ski & Snowboard Shops are located in King of Prussia, Doylestown, Ardmore, Montgomeryville, Reading and Whitehall.

Article written by Denise Larive for 21st Century Media