why is buckmans closed on sundays

We have been a family-owned and operated company since our first shop opened in 1971. The Buckman family believes that Sundays are best spent as a day of worship, rest and time spent with family and loved ones. Because of that conviction, our stores are open Monday - Saturday during the winter season and closed on Sundays.

We understand that this decision puts us out of step with other retailers and businesses, but it is a belief we are passionate about.

We are not only open during the day Monday - Saturday, but we are also open weekday evenings until 9pm and Saturdays until 5pm (seasonal time changes may apply). If these evening and weekend times are not convenient for your shopping needs, our website www.buckmans.com is also available any time, day or night, including Sundays. With free shipping on most orders over $50, it is another option for you to take advantage of if Sundays are your only free day.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to contact us if you need any more information on why we are closed Sundays or if you have any other questions.