If you snowboard regularly, you want to wear the right boots, jacket and pants. That's where Thirtytwo outdoor gear comes in.

Thirtytwo specializes in designing and manufacturing snowboarding apparel and accessories for people who love the sport. Whether you just discovered the sport or you've been snowboarding for longer than you can remember, trust Thirtytwo for great deals on unparalleled sportswear.

Thirtytwo Snowboard Apparel

Thirtytwo snowboard boots, jackets and pants have an edgy, yet sophisticated look. The brand's lineup tends to exude a sense of seriousness mixed with a dash of fun. When you order Thirtytwo products from Buckmans.com, you'll always get items that work hard to help you play safely and comfortably.

Everything Thirtytwo and its parent company, California-based Sole Technology, make has been tested rigorously by engineers and authentic snowboarding enthusiasts. Thirtytwo also proudly supports the Global Team athletes who wear the brand.

Invest in Thirtytwo snowboard jackets and pants today for you or someone you love. The company's offerings make terrific gifts for male and female snowboarders who want to shatter personal records and play hard from morning until night.

What Boots Do You Need?

Your snowboard boots are an essential part of your gear. To determine which type of Thirtytwo boot makes sense for your needs, consider a few factors:

  • Preferred terrain: What type of snowboarding terrain best describes your ideal adventure? Do you want a boot for all-mountain use? Or are you more into freestyling, which may require a more flexible boot with a little less support?
  • Desired lacing system: Each snowboard boot has its own way of securing the boot to your body. Traditional lacing involves tying the laces yourself to get a snug fit. Quick laces and BOA laces adjust faster without intervention. However, that doesn't make one lacing system better — it just gives you more to think about when you're browsing Thirtytwo boots.
  • Flexibility: If you're thinking about snowboarding for speed and competition, you'll probably want a stiffer snowboard boot that responds to aggressive riding. But if you just like to explore the mountain or park at your own pace, softer boots will allow you to have more give around your ankles and feet.

Do you need assistance figuring out which type of Thirtytwo snowboard boots are best suited for your needs? Contact our team of customer service experts during regular business hours. We love to give you advice about the products we sell.

Buy Thirtytwo Snowboard Outerwear

At Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops, we offer plenty of men's and women's Thirtytwo snow jackets and pants. Skiers and outdoor adventurers can also appreciate the careful detailing and technology that goes into every Thirtytwo item.

If you're looking for Thirtytwo snowboard pants and outerwear that protect, feel comfortable and last for years, you can find everything you need at Buckmans.com. Check out the Thirtytwo products available now and receive free shipping on orders over $50.