Even if you're a newcomer to the skiing world, you may have heard of the Stöckli name. You've probably seen skiers on television using Stöckli skis, gear and related equipment. The brand has reached the legacy level, yet you can still own a high-performance pair of Stöckli all-mountain skis with bindings for a competitive price.

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Stöckli Skis: Built by a Love for the Alpine Slopes

When Stöckli started in the 1930s, the world was a vastly different place. Skiers consistently used wooden skis, but there was plenty of room for improvement. Fortunately, young founder and entrepreneur Josef Stöckli figured out how to craft exceptional wood skis that would outmaneuver other companies' offerings. Shortly after, he started his corporation.

Over the years, Josef Stöckli tried every ski model before issuing it to the public. Known for making small numbers of skis instead of mass-producing huge lots, the Stöckli company eventually became an esteemed name around the world. Today, the brand sells over 60,000 skis per year to discerning customers eager to own top-of-the-line, meticulously engineered skis and bindings.

Today, Stöckli does not make skis from wood. Instead, the company's skis feature a variety of synthetic materials designed to help you get the best runs possible. Stöckli's engineers at the company's Switzerland ski factory remain focused on tweaking all designs to give casual and competitive ski lovers that subtle edge.

Traits to Consider When Buying Stöckli Skis

Are you new to the concept of buying skis online? Our product pages include in-depth descriptions to help you make the right choice in regards to style and size.

Some of the characteristics to consider when shopping for Stöckli skis with bindings include:

  • Terrain: From freeride to all-mountain skiing, It's important to understand what type of Stöckli skis work well for various terrains. The right choice will help you enjoy a truly remarkable experience on the slopes.
  • Width: The side-to-side measurements of any ski change the overall performance in motion. Narrow ski waists are great for picking up speed while wide waists give you more surface area, which comes in handy when the powder is deep or not well-groomed.
  • Flex: The ski flex rating helps you determine if you're getting a ski that promotes precision pivoting or one that offers a bit of bounce as you glide.

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