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Ski Equipment That Fits Your Needs

Skiing is an exhilarating sport. Whether you're an athlete or more of a weekend warrior, you want to use the best equipment suited for your needs every time you go out on the slopes. That way, you can give your full attention to doing what you love.

Although your boots should always be your starting point, your skis are a main ingredient to having a great day on the slopes. When shopping for skis, narrowing down what you enjoy doing the most on the mountain is crucial. Whether it be charging down groomers, heading off-trail in the moguls and trees, or maybe a mix of both. Once you can narrow that down you will be able to determine the right size and type of ski that will fit all of your needs.

Types of Skis Available at Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops

One of the biggest decisions you have to make when selecting a new pair of skis is the type. To get you started, here is a look at the different types of skis we have in our inventory:

  • All Mountain System Skis: This type of ski is available for both men and women. These skis come in a variety of skill levels from beginner to highly advanced. They are the perfect frontside ski for all of your groomer needs, mixed with a hint of All Mountain flare for when you are feeling a little more adventurous and want to get off trail for a couple runs.
  • All Mountain Freeride Skis: These skis are also available for both men and women, from beginners to experts, and will give you a smooth, stable feel when you're gliding down the mountain. These skis will be able to handle varying snow conditions on and off-trail. They are ideal for the skiers that have a sense of adventure and like to get off trail a little more often.
  • Park and Pipe Skis: These skis are primarily unisex, and designed for the skiers that like to spend most of their day in the Terrain Park at the mountain. These skis are generally built a bit more durable in order to take the beating of sliding down metal rails and landing jumps.
  • Kids Skis: If your kids are getting into skiing, their gear will be different than an adult's. Being shorter and lighter, kids need gear that is made for them. Kids skis come in a variety of widths, styles and more, and with our selection, you can find the right pair for your youngsters.

Along with these types of skis, you'll also find ski accessories and ski teaching tools — accessories that can help you on and off the slopes and gear that lets you pass on your knowledge about the sport to others.

Whatever type of skier you are, there's a perfect pair of skis out there for you — and you're sure to find it at Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops.

Why Buy From Us?

Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops is a family-owned business. We have local stores and an extensive online shop, letting us connect with customers from anywhere.

We offer free shipping on most orders that are over $50 and a price match guarantee. For local customers, we offer in-store pickup on orders as well. We know you won't find a better selection of snowboard and ski equipment and accessories or quality anywhere.

Shop online or visit a Buckman's store today! We look forward to helping you find the best solution for all of your ski and snowboard needs.