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Types of Ski Bags

Our available ski travel cases come in various styles to meet different requirements for protection, capacity, appearance, budget and convenience.

Generally, you can separate ski bags into these categories:

  • Size: Choose from single, double or convertible bags. Singles hold — you guessed it — one pair of skis, while doubles can hold at least two pairs. Convertible bags allow you to adjust the available interior capacity, and there's also expandable bags that collapse into smaller packages when not in use.
  • Padding: Bags range from non-padded to lightly padded to double-padded. Ski cases with more padding, which is common in double bags with dividers, tend to cost more.
  • Casing Material: We offer hard cases made from polyethylene plastic, while soft cases usually consist of nylon blends and polyester. Many bags utilize tarpaulin reinforcement for water resistance.
  • Portability: Multiple options, mostly double bags, come with wheels attached for convenient transport through airports and other locations. Bags also with multi-purpose strapping to facilitate different carrying styles and storage methods.

Tips for Picking a Ski Bag

Keeping your gear safe during travel should be a top priority, and that's especially true for your skis. You'll need to consider a range of factors when determining the best snow ski travel case for you.

One of the most significant decisions will center around how much you plan on traveling with your skis. If you take only one or two trips a season, you can save some money while still getting good value out of a lighter-style ski bag that doesn't have as much padding and features.

However, hardcore skiers who frequently travel by air and car would benefit from a well-padded, top-quality bag that also has wheels for easier maneuvering. On a related note, a double bag would suit you well if you fall into the latter category. While you might have a single pair of skis, a double bag will help to consolidate space in planes and cars by giving you a place to put additional clothes and accessories.

Be sure to check with your airline in advance of your trip to see what their fees are for over-sized luggage.

Whether you're packing them away in the car or passing them through numerous airplane checkpoints, skis can endure a lot of punishment without the appropriate protection. Luckily, advances in baggage technology have given skiers plenty of options to choose from, and you'll find plenty of them at Buckman's Ski Shops. Browse our extensive inventory below to find your ideal fit!

Shop Ski Bags at Buckman's

When you purchase from one of our seven shops throughout Pennsylvania, you'll select from only the most elite ski and snowboarding equipment on the market. If you need any help with choosing your ideal ski travel case, our customer service team will entertain your questions and offer appropriate guidance.

We offer price-match guarantees to give you the best rate, and you'll benefit from free shipping on most orders that eclipse $50 (please note many large bags do not qualify for free shipping). You'll also be shopping with a ski supply shop that's environmentally conscious, as five of our seven shops can be considered energy-neutral.

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