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Keeping warm on the trail with top-tier jackets, thermals and pants is incredibly important, but keeping your eyes protected is vital, as well. Blaring sun and its refraction off of powder can create blinding scenarios, which are inconvenient, uncomfortable and dangerous.

Oakley is the industry leader in protective eyewear of all kinds, which means it produces a vast range of ski goggles. Not only that, but the company also produces durable helmets to withstand hard falls and other accidents, as well as jackets and pants.

Buckman's Ski Shops can help outfit men, women and children with all kinds of Oakley products to help tackle the trail.

Benefits of Purchasing Oakley Products

You'll receive a comprehensive range of advantages when investing in Oakley ski clothing for sale. Among the best is proper eyewear, as Oakley holds more 850 patents and has built a reputation on its innovative lens technologies, including Prizm. With plenty of different colors and shapes, you'll find the balance between functionality and fashion.

Oakley designs helmets with sleekness, flexibility and safety in mind to ensure a comprehensive package. Jackets, pants and other outerwear isn't necessarily Oakley's calling card, but their functional features and flexible designs still make for products that are better-suited for outdoor sports than many other brands.

Apparel & Accessories Oakley Offers for Skiing & Snowboarding

Whether you need new gear to cover your eyes or your entire body, Oakley has the product catalog to meet your needs. Here are some of your options: 

  • Goggles: Oakley has set the standard for skiing and snowboarding eyewear. Prizm lenses provide unprecedented control of light transmission, which results in colors precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility. All of their lenses are impact-tested to ensure 100-percent safety under extreme conditions, and they're built with lightweight materials to feel less bulky.
  • Helmets: Oakley helmets come with many different ventilation, construction and adjustability options. Integrated MIPS technology adds protection from rotational brain injury, while a modular brim system allows for an ideal fit with any sized goggles.
  • Jackets: Oakley men's and women's ski jackets support a range of different features. Chief among those features is their BioZone insulated lining system, which manages moisture and warmth while allowing flexible movement in critical areas. Adjustable cuffs, a cinch hem and helmet-compatible hoods all adjust to your specifications, so you'll stay comfy on the inside while keeping snow and wind gusts out.
  • Pants: Also featuring BioZone technology, Oakley women and men's snow pants utilize durable, breathable FN Dry 15K technology, which blocks out snow, rain and wind. The pants are waterproof up to 15,000mm. Fully taped seams and boot gaiters help keep you dry, while multiple pockets add convenience.


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