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Krimson Clover is the ultimate women's empowerment, outdoor adventure brand. Based in Colorado, all Krimson Klover clothing is designed for women by women. Dedicated to sustainability, Krimson & Klover products are handmade with love, confidence and soul sewn into each sweater, scarf and vest.

The Beginnings of Krimson Clover

Rhonda Swenson founded Krimson and Clover not by accident, but by a happy surprise. A former flight attendant with the adventurous travel bug, Rhonda connected with a fellow jet-setter who had already begun a women's clothing line. Shortly after meeting, Rhonda purchased the company and launched Krimson Klover in Colorado.

The brand is dedicated to growing as a company and giving back while empowering women at the same time. Krimson Klover's devotion to crafting activewear through sustainable slow fashion makes them the perfect brand for the sophisticated urbanite, adventures traveler and active athlete — or all three! Their core values also aim to reflect the outdoorsy female adventurer: balanced, free, bold, community-oriented, sustainable and high-quality./p>

The Krimson Klover clothing line sells base layers, mid layers, sweaters, hats and scarfs fit to prevent you from freezing in cold temperatures.

Krimson Klover Clothing Benefits

The Krimson Klover brand provides the following unique benefits:

  • Fashion: Krimson Klover layers and sweaters are beautifully designed with intricate patterns. Unlike most base layer brands, Krimson Klover positions their clothing to be much more than just an insulating piece of fabric. Instead, it's a fashion statement, a way to express yourself and an extension of who you are.
  • Feel: Krimson Klover layers are soft, warm and cozy, crafted with sustainably sourced materials and courageous love. You'll never feel cold wrapped in your Krimson Klover garments.
  • Mission: Buying Krimson Klover means supporting a women-run company dedicated to changing the world for the better. Every time you wear your Krimson Klover knit sweater or scarf, you'll be part of a greater community and movement.

Krimson Klover Base Layers

Base layers are essential to keeping your body heat regulated in the cold. Krimson Kover clothing will prevent the shivers from taking over your body during skiing, snowboarding and winter adventuring. You can add these layers for more heat, or shed them to cool down.

Explore Krimson & Klover at Buckman's

Buckman's carries a wide selection of Krimson Klover baselayers! For outdoor shoppers on-the-go, we offer in-store pick-up, price match guarantees and free shipping on most orders over 50 dollars. We are a family owned and operated company dedicated to helping you and your family find the perfect premier snow and ski base layers for your winter expeditions.

At Buckman's, our every move stems from passion. The brands we represent, like Krimson Klover, mirror our passion for purpose — just like our adventurous, active and aspirational customers. We're here to ensure you and your family have a safe, cozy and memorable winter experience.

The Buckman family also cares about the environment, which is why our corporate HQ offices have the largest roof-mounted solar array in Pennslyvania.

We're Here to Help

If you find yourself wondering about the Krimson Klover brand or have questions regarding our inventory, we're here to help in any way we can. Visit us in-store to speak with a specialist about your winter weather clothing needs, or contact us today!

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