Buckman's is proud to be a Kjus dealer. Kjus is a brand founded by Lasse Kjus, the 16-time Olympic and World Championship medal winner. After years of skiing, Kjus felt fashion was the focus of ski clothes rather than functionality. He then sought out what makes skiing apparel dependable and how to create clothing you can rely on when on a mountainside, facing elements like sunny weather, harsh winds and freezing temperatures.

His efforts led him to create this dependable, high-quality brand of ski wear. Shop Buckman's selection of ski clothing for men, women and kids from Kjus now.

Kjus Ski Wear at Buckman's

Kjus ski wear keeps you comfortable, warm and protected from the bitter cold you may face during your skiing trip. The fabrics provide free movement while maximizing the strength of any athlete or passionate skier. Make twists and turns without feeling restricted. One of the most remarkable results of Kjus is their temperature-controlled fabrics, which keep you refreshed and ready to take on as many slopes as the day will allow.

Women's Clothing

We have a range of excellent ski wear for women, from jackets to snow pants. Kjus snow pants for women come in various colors and have a four-way stretch fabric. Whether you need to bend, duck, jump or slide, these pants will support every angle your body moves in as you descend hills and mountainsides. Aside from pants, you can also trust Buckman's to provide the best of Kjus jackets.

With breathability and intense insulation, Kjus jackets will shroud you in the comfort you need to focus on the trails and paths ahead. The styles offered include simplistic and slim-fitting jackets to evening jackets. The evening jackets are complete with a shiny finish and detachable fur hood.

Men's Clothing

We offer several unique options for men, from pants and mid-layers to vests and jackets. Kjus pants have an articulated knee feature to help ergonomics, and the fabric is light enough to keep you moving freely. Ventilation zippers allow your body to breathe through mesh backings. The mid-layers come in different color options and have a four-way stretch, facilitating movement when you're descending.

The vests are an innovative Kjus product, complete with a lightweight, windproof material you can trust to provide warmth without weighing you down. The front of the vest contains a thin layer of insulation. Throw it on with a sweater or jacket for additional warmth. We also have a range of jackets that keep you warm while offering numerous features that make your skiing time more convenient.

Why Shop for Kjus Ski Clothes at Buckman's?

When you purchase from Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops, you get a family-owned and operated business. Throughout our growth, we have maintained and spread our passion for skiing and snowboarding. With this passion, we encourage our team to equip you with gear that keeps you comfortable and warm at the resort or park.

Browse our selection of Kjus apparel and get the ski wear that will make your next skiing trip perfect.