As any avid outdoor lover will tell you, staying warm and comfortable is crucial to enjoying winter sports. While looking fashionable might not be on the top of your priority list, it certainly doesn't hurt. Kari Traa women's clothing combines performance-driven base layers with unique prints and colors for a one-of-a-kind look. Rock Kari Traa clothing on the slopes, and enjoy making a statement — both in style and in sport.

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Kari Traa clothing is pioneered and designed by three-time Olympic champion freestyle skier Kari Traa. The founder's Norwegian heritage, adventurous personality and understanding of winning performance shape every piece's design.

Kari Traa's soft, breathable fabric emphasizes stretch and agility, creating a base layer that will keep you happy to move. The brand is known for its use of lightweight Merino wool for a moisture-wicking base layer that can keep you dry no matter how much snow — or sweat — it has to handle. One final undeniable benefit of a Kari Traa base layer? With feminine designs and athletic capability, this apparel proves, once and for all, that function and form can happily coexist.

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Gearing up with quality clothing will provide an extra layer of protection between you and the elements. No matter how great your coat and accessories are, wearing a proper base and mid-layer is an absolute must for the outdoor adventurer. Stock up on our selection of Kari Traa clothing, including:

  • Kari Traa base layer items: A variety of highly functional long-sleeved base layers, typically crafted in Merino wool or polyester fabric, promises to keep you cozy. Soft and stretchy material offers you full freedom to ski, snowboard, hike or take part in any other outdoor activity you desire. Each base layer is designed to be ultra-smooth and light to the touch, featuring intricate prints and patterns that reveal the clothing's Nordic inspiration.
  • Kari Traa mid-layer items: When you are looking for further wind and snow protection, you'll want to add consider adding mid-layer fleece or down jacket. Complete with fitted cuffs and high collars for extra coverage, Kari Traa mid-layers are the perfect outfit choice. Whether you're planning a casual hike or a high-adrenaline winter activity, conserve your body heat with an extra layer under your shell outerwear.
  • Kari Traa leggings: Stay active across all four seasons with luxuriously soft synthetic base layer leggings. Slip a pair underneath shell snow pants to enjoy a snug, moisture-wicking fit. From colorful florals to unique geometric shapes, each Kari Traa legging is as easy on the eyes as it is on your skin.

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