Does the type of sock you wear make a difference in the way you feel when skiing or snowboarding? The short answer is yes. When the elements turn harsh, you can count on Darn Tough snowboarding, skiing, crew and other socks to help you effortlessly sail through the wind, snow and sleet without feeling uncomfortable.

Darn Tough is interested in just one thing – making the best possible socks in the world. They are constantly innovating to try and improve what they’ve almost perfected.

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All-American Styling From a Dedicated Company

Darn Tough is a Vermont-based company that produces socks and other high-performance accessories in America. The employees at Darn Tough appreciate nature by actively living a greener lifestyle. Their penchant for heading outside whenever they get a chance gives them opportunities to test every Darn Tough snowboarding sock before it hits the virtual or real shelves.

Aside from being engineered and manufactured in the U.S., every pair of Darn Tough socks has an eco-ethical lineage. For example, all of Darn Tough's raw materials come from environmentally friendly farms and suppliers. Ultimately, the company's mission is to prove that sustainability matters, right down to what you wear on your feet.

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What to Expect From Darn Tough Socks

Little changes, small adjustments—a touch more of this or a drop less of that—is what keeps Darn Tough Socks going. We outline all of these descriptions in detail, so you can feel confident purchasing Darn Tough ski socks and more on our website. When you buy Darn Tough socks, you can take advantage of:

  • High-performance fabrics and materials: Merino wool is a favorite choice for Darn Tough socks because the wool naturally breathes. It also feels incredibly soft against your feet, which is critical whether you're pulling a 15-mile Appalachian trail hike or hitting the mountain from morning until dusk.
  • Dependable fit: Never mind all that tugging — simply pull on your Darn Tough socks and go about your day. They're built to hug your calf, instead of drooping hour after hour.
  • Odor-resistant: Who wants a smelly pair of socks? Darn Tough socks possess antimicrobial properties, which you'll appreciate after every wear.
  • All-season wearability: Your Darn Tough socks don't have to take a hiatus when the weather turns warm. Thanks to powerful wicking, Darn Tough socks work great, whether it's January and freezing or July and blazing hot.
  • Seamless transitions: When you pull off your Darn Tough socks, you won't notice any places where the socks "bit" into your skin. You can thank their seamless construction for the smoothest results.
  • Enduring good looks: Style and fun go hand in hand when you see the Darn Tough logo.

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When you're ready to purchase your next pair of socks, we encourage you to try Darn Tough varieties. You'll love pampering your soles while you explore parks, slopes, valleys and mountaintops.

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