Dakine Ski and Snowboard Gear

If you're looking for reliable gear that offers quality, dependability and variety, you need Dakine. Dakine is a brand founded in Hawaii in 1979 that has grown to develop products suiting several sports, including surfing, biking, snowboarding and skiing. Buckman's offers the best of their gear for your skiing and snowboarding trips.

Add new features to your equipment stock with Dakine and bring some flair to your snowy ride.

Dakine Clothing

Whether you or your child needs winter gear, our Dakine clothing selection has you covered. One of the largest collections Buckman's carries is Dakine hats and gloves. Everyone has a different preference for their gloves' fit. That's why we carry a wide array, from slim-fitting black gloves to stylish mitts.

All our mitts have fantastic insulation and durability, keeping your fingers safe from the bitter cold. We also carry Dakine neck tubes for those who want to protect their neck from whipping winds and powdery snow. Dakine winter hats are edgy and thick, and they come in many styles, colors and materials.

In addition to these winter necessities, Buckman's offers men's hoodies, vests and snow pants. All Dakine clothing is high-quality and made to safeguard you from the winter cold. For example, the snow pants are waterproof and come with zip vents so you can control how warm or cool you feel. The hoodies and vests also have reliable fabrics that protect your bare skin from the snow as you ski down mountains and hillsides.

Dakine Snowboard and Ski Accessories

Your snowboard and skis are an investment you want to take care of them. Dakine recognized that and created ski and snowboard bags and sleeves. These fantastic accessories protect your equipment after a solid day at the park or resort. All you have to do is wipe your gear down and store them safely in their respective bag. These items even come with pockets for additional accessory storage.

Other snowboard accessories include grab rails and stomp pads. Complete with cool colors and unique graphics, both of these items make a day on the slopes easier. Grab rails are fantastic for keeping a hand on your board while catching air. Stomp pads are helpful if your board lacks texture. Stick the pads to the board near your boot bindings and lean your feet on them when needed. You'll keep your balance and, more importantly, stay snow-free.

Dakine Travel Gear

Dakine knows not every day can be a skiing or snowboarding day. At Buckman's, we also recognize that. That's why we offer quality Dakine travel gear. This brand creates the perfect carry-on backpacks and suitcases for any train, plane or car ride. These travel packs all come with easy-to-roll wheels and smooth handles. Most of them are also complete with a dual-level organization system so everything has its own place.

Get Your Gear From Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops

When you need a ski bag, backpack or simply a new hat, turn to Dakine. Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops has everything you need for a successful trip to your favorite skiing resort or snowboard park. Browse our selection of Dakine products today!