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About Airhole Facemasks

Airhole was founded from a combination of ingenuity and need. Created by a pair of professional snowboarders, Airhole began by re-purposing old outerwear jackets to craft ergonomic masks with a signature breath hole. Today, the brand is known for using a variety of advanced fabrics — including drytech thermal fleece and natural Merino wool — to create some of the world's best technical face protection.

As a facemask industry leader, Airhole focuses on crafting breathable masks that keep wearers warm, dry and fog-free in any condition. With an Airhole facemask, your outdoor adventure only ends when you want it to.

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Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops carries a variety of premium Airhole facemasks and accessories. Our selection includes options such as:

  • + Airhole snowboard masks: An array of Airhole masks, designed specifically to fit over or under a snowboarder's helmet, offer added warmth and functionality.
  • + Airhole ski masks: In addition to masks designed to fit under or over a ski helmet, we carry weather-resistant outer shells that provide the ultimate protection on the slopes — perfect for both skiers and snowboarders!
  • + Airhole nets: Airhole nets and scarfholes offer a lightweight extra layer that can provide body warmth and, if needed, be pulled up around the face for added protection.

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As a company founded on one family's love of the outdoors, it's our mission to connect customers with every product they need to experience the great outdoors. From skis and snowboards to accessories, outerwear, base layers and more, you can play your heart out even in the coldest weather.

We strive to offer products at an accessible price as well. Make the most of our guaranteed price match, which ensures we'll meet the lowest available price for our products. We also offer free shipping on most orders over $50, along with regular discounts to help make quality gear more affordable.

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