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686 Snowboard Gear

686 snowboarding jackets and pants are created with the goal of pushing the current boundaries of design and construction. From sophisticated technology to cutting-edge innovation, 686 products will level-up your winter skiing and snowboarding activities. Buckman's proudly carries a wide range of 686 apparel and gear ranging from insulated snowboard pants to 3-in-1 jackets.

The Origins of 686

Founded by Michael Akira West, 686 was born in and around Big Bear, CA, creating unique apparel based around the southern California snowboard scene.

Many rumors are out there regarding the meaning of the name “686”, but 686 stems from personal dates and numbers in West's life that all merged together at the perfect time. The brand name has now become synonymous with innovative, forward-thinking snowboarding jackets, outerwear and technical apparel inspired by the outdoors and mountain culture.

If you're an outdoorsy, go-getting, adventure-seeking, boundary-pushing lover of all things winter-related, the 686 brand is a perfect match for you. If you enjoy feeling warm, highly insulated and dry as you ski or snowboard your way through winter, 686 ski wear has your back. Keep reading to learn more about the 686 gear available to you at Buckman's.

686 Ski Gear

The amount of technology within each piece of 686 ski wear is astonishing. From detachable hoods and waterproof materials to heat retention and airflow, 686 gear is designed to take your outdoor winter adventures to a new level of comfort. Their products include down jackets, insulated snow pants, base layers, 3-in-1 jackets, hoodies and beanies.

686 also has a unique thermal rating system that makes choosing the perfect coat, gloves or pants for your specific needs easy. Each thermally rated product is thoughtfully designed to reflect a wide variety of conditions. You can combine all 686 heavy warmth items with 686 mid layer gear, then remove layers for less warmth as needed. If you're someone who is always cold, always hot or somewhere in between, 686 layers will help you find and regulate your ideal outdoor temperatures.

686 is also a sustainable brand, sourcing all of their down insulation responsibly. When you buy 686 ski wear, you can sleep easy knowing your purchase did not harm the earth. Whether you're looking for women's snowboard pants or men's snowboard pants, 686 offers excellent options for women, men and kids.

686 Snowboard Pants

686 designs are timeless and functional insulated snow pants. With their waterproof outside and insulated inside, these snowboard pants promise to keep you warm. Plus, they come in different colors and styles. Their reliable waterproofing, affordable price and all-season design make them the perfect clothing item for winter, spring, summer and fall!

686 designs top-notch snowboard pants for men and kids, too.

Explore 686 Ski Wear at Buckman's

Buckman's is proud to carry a wide range of 686 jackets and pants. We offer in-store pick-up, price match guarantees and free shipping on most orders over 50 dollars. Founded in 1971 by Nancy and Jeff Buckman, Buckman's is a family-owned and -operated business dedicated to providing you and your family with premier snow and ski gear.

At Buckman's, passion drives our every move. The brands we carry, like 686, reflect that passion — as do our fun-loving, winter-exploring customers. Our top priority is ensuring you and your family have a safe, warm and unforgettable winter experience! Don't wait until you're feeling cold during the winter to seek out warmth — explore our 686 ski wear now and get the most out of your day on the slopes.

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