Tecnica Mach Sport MV 85 Ski Boot - Women'sCLEARANCE

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Color:  Black
Size:  24.5
Item#: TEC-20160100100, Mfg#: 20160100100, Season: 2021-2022  

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Gender Women

Designed for Women

Boot Width Medium

For the skier with a C, D or E width shoe as most common foot width.

Boot Calf Volume Medium

Most common lower leg shaft allowing the boot to wrap around the lower leg for performance as well as comfort.

Boot Flex Medium

For a blend of increased power to be transmitted to the ski while maintaining sufficient ankle flex to swallow up varied terrain.

Tecnica Women's Ski Boots

The Tecnica Mach Sport 85 HV is a perfect option for intermediate to advanced skiing women who have a mid-wide width forefoot and larger calf volume. Made with Tecnica's CAS (Custom Adaptive Shape) Shell, this boot can easily be modified by a bootfitter for small fit issues. Dimples in key fit areas allow the shell of the boot to hold its shape after it has been pressed. The dimples require less pressure to move the shell and create accurate mapping for where the bootfitter needs to work. The Sport NFS (Natural Foot Stance) Liner has a natural stance with the toes pointing outward in the position that you naturally stand. NFS is more comfortable for you and helps improve your energy transmission. The Liner is also packed will Celliant that is a heat reflective material that bounces your body heat back to you to help keep you warmer on the mountain. LiftLock Buckles stay up and open when you want them to, so it makes it very easy to slide the Mach Sport on or off your feet. An Adjusting Top Cuff Ratchet allows you to tinker with the size and tension of the top buckle to find the perfect fit across your calf. The Mach Sport 85 also has a Thermoformable Collar that when heated in a special oven will mold the top of the cuff to match your leg shape.

  • Best Fits a Medium Wide Forefoot and Larger Calf Volume
  • CAS Shell
  • Sport NFS Liner
  • Celliant
  • Thermoforming Collar
  • Adjusting Top Cuff Ratchet
  • 35mm Strap
  • LiftLock Buckles

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