Never Summer Easy Rider X Snowboard- Men's

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Item#: NVR-QESX-24, Mfg#: QESX, Season: 2023-2024  

Mens Never Summer Easy Rider Snowboard

Never Summer Easy Rider Snowboard


Never Summer’s patented Triple Camber profile has been getting rave reviews but many of our Triple Camber
releases have been on the stiffer side. You asked for it, we’ve delivered. The Easy Rider features the Triple Camber
profile with a mid-flex for dominant all mountain performance. Pressed in a symmetrical version of the classic true
twin Proto Type Two shape, this do it all board will appeal to the masses.

Camber Profile

Triple CamberEvery function of a snowboard is now improved with Never Summer’s new patented Triple Camber Profile... edge hold, stability, power, pop, speed, float, forgiveness and smooth responsiveness. Words and images are never going to do this board justice!


Flex Rating 5/10 (1=Soft,10=Stiff)

Dampness Rating 5/10 (1=Lively, 10=Damp)


True Twin - Ride regular or switch and you're in for a good time. If you were to fold this board in half, you would find perfect symmetry from tip to tail. Jib, spin and stomp with confidence and unmatched balance.

Vario Power Grip Sidecut – Vario Power Grip Sidecut utilizes multiple radiuses creating extra contact points to enhance edge hold. A flat section in the rocker area provides a broad contact point when flexed, however when unbent allows the board to track straight and not catch. Flanking this straight section are two shallow radii which provide the second and third contact points. Towards the ends of the sidecut are deep radius which renders quick turn initiation and the final contact points.

Gender Men

Designed for Men

Snowboard Terrain All Mountain

Explores all obstacles across the mountain, enjoying anything coming across them on the hill.

Snowboard Shape Twin

This particular shape allows the rider to ride switch or regular. The nose and tail of the board have the same shape.

Rocker Profile Camber

The most response with true pop in and out of a turn with the most edge control.

Flex Medium

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