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Item#: SPA-78100-2, Mfg#: BOOTGLV  

DryGuy BootGlove - Ski Boot Glove

The BootGlove provides skiers with an added layer of insulating protection from frigid winter conditions.

Designed in the harsh Alaskan Arctic, the BootGlove provides a protecting layer of insulating neoprene for your ski boots to reduce wind chill and prevent loss of body heat in extreme winter conditions. Also included are custom-fit pieces of thermal reflective material that adhere to the underside and toe of your boot liners for an additional layer of insulation. Overall, the BootGlove retains an average of +20°F/7°C in your boot's toe box, conserving heat loss where it's most important...YOUR FEET!

Testing: In an engineered test at Moose Mountain Ski Resort in Fairbanks, Alaska the following results were recorded: The outside air temperature was -5°F below 0° at the ski lodge. Temperature probes were placed on the shell of the ski boots. A BootGlove was placed over one of the boots in the ski lodge. After skiing 1,300 vertical feet, the exposed boot shell temperature was -5° F, while the boot protected by the BootGlove was +48° F. The shell of the boot protected by the BootGlove was +53° F warmer than the other shell. The test was repeated with identical results.

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Easy fix for cold toes
Posted by Mark Y (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/20/2018

Pros: Inexpensive and effective
Cons: none

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These boot gloves are one of the best ways to keep your toes warm when you're out skiing in very cold conditions. It's so simple and logical to put an extra insulating layer on top of your boot when the temps drop below zero or if you're lucky enough to be skiing in conditions where your boots are buried under the snow.

Inexpensive way to keep your feet warm
Posted by WillC (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/18/2018

Pros: Inexpensive, no-batteries

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Put these on in the lodge before you head out for the day and they will keep your feet warm.

Boot Glove
Posted by Bill (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/23/2017

Pros: Quick and easy to put on.

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A must if you are not deterred by single digit days! They really work.

boot glove
Posted by caren (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/6/2017

Pros: keep your feet warm on cold days
Cons: none that i am aware of

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i have been using the boot glove since the seventies,
made out of neoprene they keep my feet warm and dry.

Warm feet at a Low Price.
Posted by Bruce S. (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 11/2/2016

Pros: Best value for warm feet.
Cons: None that I have experienced.

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On a cold day, there is snow and ice on your boot buckles. The buckles are held on your boots with rivets, which are metal and excellent conductors of heat, meaning the heat is being sucked out of your boots. The boot glove prevents the buildup of snow and ice and eliminates this problem. I have been using them since the seventies and they are my choice for subzero days. They work.