Crab Grab Grab Rails - Aqua
Crab Grab Grab Rails
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Get a grip dude!
Posted by Sean (Certified Winter Enthusiast) (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 11/4/2020

Pros: Superior grip that gives one a chance at making that grab! Can be placed as stomp pads as well
Cons: None

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The Crab Grab brand is one of the best choices for stomp pads to put on your board these days. But a stomp is just to get you a grip with getting on and off the lifts, skating on ridiculously flat traverses, or getting your video part with a one-footed run thru the terrain park. But when it comes to getting a solid grip on that Indy (not Tindy), a Mute or the almighty Grasser, a wet glove on a slippery topsheet doesn’t cut it! The C-Foam rubbery foam surfaced with the Gripples signature texture gives a grip like an amorous Octopus, the Screw Glue adhesive backing when first put on a warm dry deck sticks and doesn’t fall off.