Swix Diamond Stone - Red Coarse

Swix Diamond Stone - Red Coarse

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Swix # TDM200

Diamond Stone Coarse 100mm RED

The Course stone is a deburring and maintenance diamond stone. One of two stones that can do it all, debur and sharpen. An excellent maintenance stone to have in your kit.

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An Essential Tuning Tool
Posted by Bruce Smith (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/29/2019

Pros: An inexpensive way to maintain your edges.
Cons: They are small and easy to lose.

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I carry both the Swix Diamond Stone Red Course and the Swix Diamond Stone White Fine in my boot bag all the time. I check my edges every day after skiing and use these two diamond to clean up the edges. The Red Coarse will take of most edge dings. After smoothing the damaged area, I do the entire length of the edges on both skis. I then finish the maintenance by doing one of two passes with the Fine Stone. This will keep your edges fresh to perform well on Pennsylvania Powder.

Must have tool
Posted by David G (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/30/2017

Pros: Will last for years, compatible with guides. Compact.
Cons: None

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Great item to keep in your boot bag. Keep your edges sharp and smooth.