Bent Metal Axition Bindings - Men'sCLEARANCE

Item#: BEN-21BN002, Mfg#: 21BN002, Season: 2021-2022  

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Gender Men

Designed for Men

Snowboard Terrain All Mountain

Explores all obstacles across the mountain, enjoying anything coming across them on the hill.

Flex Medium

Cant No

Men's Bent Metal Axition Snowboard Bindings

Acquire power and flexibility while snowboarding when you use Bent Metal Axition Snowboard Bindings. Made to fit any boot type for maximum flexibility, Bent Metal Axition Bindings let you get creative with your techniques while staying safe on the slopes.
When you want to explore the whole mountain, these Bent Metal Axition Bindings are perfect for navigating through any obstacles that come your way. These bindings are flexible enough for full 360-degree carves and sturdy enough to travel through the park, trails and the backcountry. These men's snowboard bindings are a must-have for the season.

Men's Bent Metal Axition Snowboard Bindings Features

These features make Bent Metal Axition Snowboard Bindings a must-have for snowboarding:

  • Flexibility rating: Bent Metal Axition Bindings have a flex rating of 6 out of 10, so they're perfect when you want to use one set of bindings all day.
  • Quality construction: Enjoy a smooth ride with bindings made of lightweight, reliable and durable materials. The design helps absorb vibration and provides a comfortable fit so you can travel for a long time.
  • Boot compatibility: The binding's construction ensures that you can use it with any boot. The binding will conform to a range of boots for ultimate grip and safety.
  • Maximum safety: With strong buckles that offer an easy entry and release operation, you can maneuver the bindings to your liking. The straps will keep your boots in place while you focus on riding the snow's surface.
  • Rider control: The highback cups your boots snugly, providing a firm and performance-oriented platform. You'll have complete control on any hill when you use these bindings.

Enjoy the flexibility and power you can get from these bindings. Buy your Bent Metal Axition Snowboard Bindings today from Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops in Eastern PA or online!

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