Tecnica Mach Sport LV 75 Ski Boot - Women'sCLEARANCE

Item#: TEC-20158710383, Mfg#: 20158710383, Season: 2020-2021  

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Gender Women

Designed for Women

Boot Width Narrow

For the skier with A or B width foot so the foot will not be swimming inside the boot causing a loss of control.

Boot Calf Volume Low

Important area of the boot in regards to the upper cuff that wraps the lower leg and is where most power is generated from the skier to the ski. If not a secure fit around the leg the skier may experience a common foe known as shin bang.

Boot Flex Medium

For a blend of increased power to be transmitted to the ski while maintaining sufficient ankle flex to swallow up varied terrain.

Tecnica Women's Ski Boot

The Tecnica Mach Sport 75 LV is an excellent ski boot for the true beginner to solid intermediate skier who has a narrow forefoot and narrow shaft of the leg. Tecnica's Comfort Liner is packed with Celliant. Celliant is a heat reflective material that is designed to bounce heat back towards its source to help keep your toes warm on the mountain. The Collar of the liner is thermoformable so you can have the liner heated for a perfectly dialed in fit across your calf muscle. The CAS (Custom Adaptive Shape) Shell can be easily customized to alleviate any fit issues you may have. An Adjustable Top Ratchet gives you plenty of room to fine tune the fit of the top buckle to help drive your skis and keep you comfortable. LiftLock Buckles stay up and open when open to make this boot very easy for you to slip on and off of your foot.

  • Best Fits a Medium Width Forefoot and Medium Shaft of the Leg
  • CAS Shell
  • Comfort Liner
  • Celliant
  • Thermoforming Collar
  • Adjusting Top Cuff Ratchet
  • 35mm Strap
  • LiftLock Buckles

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