Grand Trunk Hangout Hammock Stand

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Color:  Black
Size:  11.5' X 4' X 4'
Item#: GTR-HMK-STND 1, Mfg#: HMK-STND 1  

This item can only be purchased in our retail stores from October – March. This item cannot be shipped.

Gender Unisex

Designed for All


Grand Trunk Hammocks

Hammock Stand

We've been telling you to #HangAnywhere for a while...introducing the first Grand Trunk Hammock Stand!


* 11'6" x 4' x 4"
* 32 lbs
* Holds up to 400lbs
* The specially designed mount points, plus 18" trunk straps, means the Hangout Hammock Stand will fit any hammock under 11'      long
* Includes a carry bag for convenient portability!

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