The Chabot Show: How to Choose and Change Your Snow Goggle Lens

buckmans ski snowboardThis three-part episode of the Chabot Show is all about Snow Goggles – how and why to change your lenses, what lenses to choose for different conditions, and the frames and brands are available at Buckman’s Ski and Snowboard Shop.

In part one, Brad Buckman discusses the importance of having multiple goggle lens options when skiing or snowboarding. Each day on the hill brings varying conditions and it’s important to be prepared for these conditions. The right goggle lens can make your experience that much more enjoyable!

This Chabot Show gives an overview of these conditions and more importantly shows you how easy it is to change your Oakley goggle lens. The Oakley Splice Goggles and Oakley Aribrake Goggles are featured.

In part two, Chabot and Brad discuss which lenses are best for the different specific mountain conditions you may face. From cloudy and snowy, to bright and sunny, we have the Oakley replacement accessory lenses that will work for you.

The Oakley Black Iridium lens, the Blue Iridium, Dark Grey, G30, and Fire Iridium replacement lenses are discussed along with several others.

Part three of this episode of the Chabot show discusses different Oakley goggle frames as well as the different brands of goggles we carry such as Smith goggles , Bolle goggles ( kids winter goggles ) , Anon goggles ( Anon Comrade Goggles ) and Electric goggles.

Different faces need different frames. The Oakley A Frame goggles, Aribrake goggles, as well as the Oakley Crowbar, Splice, Elevate and Smith I/O goggles are discussed. This episode also features our expert snow goggle care tips.

These videos discuss Oakley goggles, Oakley replacement lens and Oakley goggle frames at length; however, many brands and styles are available at Check out our wide selection today! For store locations, visit our retail store homepage .