The Faces Behind the Name: Part Three-Hail to the Chief!

The Faces Behind the Name: Part Three-Hail to the Chief!

Posted by Buckman's Ski & Snowboard Shops on Friday, November 20, 2015

At, we take pride in the fact that all of our staff is extremely passionate about skiing and snowboarding. They love the sport, so of course they love what they do. From providing outstanding customer service to finding the best ski and snowboard gear on the planet, our staff always has you covered.


This season, we wanted to spend a time introducing you to some of the team members who have made us who we are today. Today’s “Face behind the name” is the president of Buckman’s Ski and Snowboard Shops - Jeff Buckman. Keep reading to learn a little more about him, his passion for this company, and of course his passion for winter sports!


Jeff Buckman is an avid skier and has been skiing for 47 years. He actually started skiing when we has just 11 years old and fell in love with the sport at that young age. Jeff began working at Buckman’s when we was just 12 years old working for his dad who founded the company. He began working full time for the company in 1974.

As president of the company, Jeff has his hands in just about every detail of the company. He told us that part of his job is to encourage everyone else along with “looking ahead, planning, training and continually flying the flag of customer service! Without great customer service, we are dead”.

We asked him what he liked most about working at Buckman’s, it was no surprise that his answer was the people he works with day in and day out. He also mentioned how he loves getting to see all the new ski and snowboard products every year. Who wouldn’t love getting a sneak peek at all the new gear?


When asked where his favorite place to ski is and he told us without skipping a beat “Zermatt, Switzerland!” He went on to tell us that he “loves the runs, lifts, the little places to get lunch and coffee and being able to ski to Italy. I just love everything about Zermatt”
Another major reason he loves to ski so much is that it affords him the opportunity to spend some quality time with his family. “We have six grandchildren now and they all ski. It was fun being part of teaching them all! We have a wonderful time together skiing and making memories that will last a lifetime!” What a true statement- there really is nothing like family bonding time doing something everyone loves to do.

This season Jeff will be rocking K2 Boots and Volkl Skis with Marker Bindings. One of the many perks of being the president of a ski and snowboard company is that he gets to try tons of new equipment each season. He did tell us that while he loves the current equipment he is using , he always looks forward to trying out each of the new products each season. Who wouldn’t, right?


This season, Jeff is looking forward to trying out some of the new brands we are carrying this season such as Picture Organic Clothing Company and Lenz. In particular, he can’t wait to try out the heated socks and heated vest from Lenz. He was able to test out those socks last year and fell in love. He can’t wait to get his hands on the vest and thinks it will be awesome for any outside event.

Lastly, we asked him what his recommendation for that one small item that is important to bring but is often overlooked when heading to the slopes. “ Dermatone”, he told us. “ The sun reflecting off the snow can really get my lips sunburned. I use Dermatone skin care all the time, never ski without it.”

So there you have it! A little introduction to who Jeff Buckman is and how his passion for skiing has helped him lead a great team of people. At, we take pride in providing outstanding customer service and helping you find all the products you need to enjoy your time on the slopes. Our team of experts are always here to help you and we promise to deliver an outstanding shopping experience. So go ahead and visit one of our six retail location and see for yourself. If you are not local, we always have you covered online at Happy shopping!

See you on the slopes!

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