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The Backpack Chronicles: Where Will You Take Your Pack?

Posted by Buckman's Ski & Snowboard Shops on Monday, August 29, 2016

An icon of adventure and a companion in travel, the backpack would have a lot to say if it had eyes and could speak. A holder of stuff while we explore, it humbly carries our belongings up mountains, down hiking trails, and on bike rides. Sometimes taking the role of a pillow on a long layover or bus ride. Other days it sees our whole commute home backwards. Giving the gift of free hands and organized belongings, a backpack allows us to experience the world around us.

What’s in yours? A snack? A camera? Headphones? A laptop? Sunglasses? A flash light? Extra shoes? A hoodie? A bathing suit? A change of clothes? Equipment to go out and explore? Whatever you love to take with you, we hope you always #PackToExplore. There is an awesome world around you. Soak up the sun. Climb the mountains. Take a weekend trip. Pile in the car with your friends. Go out and get lost with no certain time to be home. Ride bikes until the sun goes down. Look at the moon. Watch the sunrise. Live curiously.

Show us where you’ve been exploring with up to five photos. To submit, use the hashtag #PackToExplore on instagram! One lucky winner will be chosen to receive a free backpack! Will will be announced on 09/17/2016. The winning photo must feature your backpack. (Higher chances of winning if it’s one you purchased from us)! :) to browse our sweet selection of packs. Select packs are up to 25% OFF for our Labor Day Sale.

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