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Ski Rentals Near Me - Preparing for Fall 2017 With More Rentals Than Ever Before!

Posted by Buckman's Ski & Snowboard Shops on Monday, June 19, 2017

Ski Rentals. Snowboard rentals. Summertime may seam like a strange time to talk about it, but with our retail shops closed for the summer months, we use this time to prepare the next winter's fleet of seasonal ski rentals.

While our business does have another side to it (selling and delivering water treatment and swimming pool chemicals, our ski workshop remains a very busy place this time of year, tuning up and adding to our rental skis and snowboards. We take great pride in offering the nest ski rentals, ski boot rentals, snowboard rentals and snowboard boot rentals in Pennsylvania.

This particular Summer is extra exciting. Our ski buyer Brian Good said, “With the acquisition of Wick’s Ski Shop, we are tuning over 11,000 rentals this summer. This is an unprecedented amount for us!” With our highly trained and certified ski rental workshop staff, Brian is confident everything will be ready by opening day. Our team makes sure all all our rental equipment is tuned up and ready to go for the Fall and Winter. “We’ve even added additional certified staff to our Summer ski and snowboard tuning crew to tackle the increase,” Good said.

We will also be getting lots of new rentals! Brian went on to say, “We are also purchasing 2,000 brand new pairs of ski rentals to add to our fleet. The adult skis will be the Atomic Vantage X 75s. We are very excited about the quality and performance characteristics of the the skis. They are not "low-end" by any means!” 

From Atomic: The Vantage X 75's are “A rental ski mainly for the piste but with all-mountain capability – ideal for adventurous intermediate skiers. The Atomic Vantage X 75 R is an all-mountain rental ski for intermediate skiers – powerful but forgiving. It features our lighter, stronger Vantage construction in a sportier shape and thinner waist – making it ideal for the majority of all-mountain renters looking for a piste and side piste ski. It features Atomic's Exo Profile – a radical 3D profile with slanted and reinforced sides that cuts swing weight, adds rigidity and also reduces scratching for a longer rental life.
·    Exo Profile
·    Firewall
·    Densolite Core
·    Light Woodcore
·    Structured Top Sheet”

“For the kids rental skis, we are getting Atomic Redsters. These have Bend-X Technology, which helps kids to achieve a carve because they bend and turn easier. A ski that performs better will make their mountain experience better and that is what we are hoping for.” said Good.

A little about our workshop: All of the rental tuning magic happens in the same state of the art, centralized workshop that takes care of your equipment during the winter. Its 3200 square feet make it the biggest ski and board workshop on the East Coast! Plus, whave invested over $500,000 in equipment and are fully committed to providing quality ski and snowboard care.

Maybe after reading this you’re curious about what exactly happens when a set of rental skis or a rental snowboard goes through our workshop. Check out this time lapse to follow us through the workshop process:

Each year, we are proud to serve the many local skiers and snowboarders with our daily, weekend, and seasonal rental options! Whether you are renting ski gear, renting snowboard gear, need a sharpen and wax, need a binding mount, a complete tune-up, or a binding adjustment, we have the staff and equipment to take care of you! We are so happy to see families get out on the mountain together. Stop in this fall and grab your Buckman's ski seasonal rentals.

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